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A burial shroud is a distinguished wrap for the body; also referred to as burial sheets, winding-cloths or winding sheets. Shrouds can be made from white cotton, wool, linen or other material that is made of natural fibers.

Lady's Shroud - Size (5'6"): $375
Men's Shroud - Size (6'2"): $395

Ordering a Burial Shroud?

A rope can be used for lowering if needed. However, most cemeteries prefer to utilize a casket lowering device & therefore do not use ropes.
Standard sizing for women is 5' 6" long by 24" wide. 
Standard sizing for men is 6' 2" by 26" wide.

Still have questions about ordering a burial shroud?
Give us a call: 503-512-0755.  We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Learn more about the History of Burial Shrouds, The Shroud of Turin and the Shroud of Grushetskaya visit our "About Shrouds Page".

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