Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pets at the Funeral

Family festivities are not the same without a beloved pet's attendance. Many of pet parents would be comforted to know that their pets might attend their own funeral. Having the pet of the one who has passed at their funeral or memorial service brings the surviving friends and family comfort, as a pet represents a special part of their loved one’s life and happy memories.

Pets provide emotional comfort, which not only cuts through tension, but also lowers anxiety at a funeral. Pets are especially comforting to children and make a welcomed distraction to some of the more emotional moments of the service.

A formally clothed pet shows respect for the deceased and his/her surviving family. Although funeral attire is no longer limited to just black, somber colors are generally considered more respectful than flashy, bright colors. We offer a selection of dressy formal attire for cats and dogs. All outfits shown are funeral appropriate.

The goal of bringing a pet family member to the funeral or memorial is to represent our animal companions, as they should be -- important members of the human family. 

Have you been to a funeral or memorial where pets were in attendance?
Will you request your loved ones to bring your pet to your own service?

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