Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pet Funerals - Not Just for Dogs and Cats

RIP - Farewell to Catfish, Fish Funeral Brooklyn, NY
Pet parents recently buried their dear Catfish. The family located in Brooklyn, New York describes their dear friend, "We couldn't agree on a name and he seemed like such a special little guy from the start so we simply named him 'Catfish - The Cutest Fish in the World'. He is a Striped Raphael. We have had him for about 7 years now and he has always amazed us."

A Video of Catfish:

Keeping a Pet Catfish

Fish Casket with Flower (Brooklyn, NY)
Catfish's Fish Memorial Headstone (Brooklyn, NY)
Catfish make great pets. Similar to Koi fish, the catfish can recognize its owners and can even follow them around the tank. Catfish exist in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and personalities. Many catfish are nocturnal, and enjoy eating at night when the aquarium lights are kept off. Catfish can live from 5 to 12 years. Catfish often get along well with other fish species, and are usually peaceful in sharing a pond or aquarium with species. Catfish are actually quite social and prefer to keep company with other catfish. Keeping catfish in groups of 3 or more can add to their happiness and longevity. 

As you can see, pet funerals are an important way to remember a special pet friend, whether furry, feathered, scaled or finned. Doing something on behalf of a beloved companion and creating memorial art is healing.

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