Sunday, February 21, 2016

Horticulture Therapy and Memorial Plantings

"From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity." - Edvard Munch

A Living Tribute in Your Own Backyard

Make your yard into a natural tribute to your beloved. Any yard or patio can become a sanctuary that welcomes wildlife with just a few simple modifications:
~Make Your Patio Permeable -  A porous surface allows water through to the soil, where it is able to soak up rain and inhibit run off.

~Consider designing patios and pathways with pores in order to prevent run off. This also keeps local streams clean.

~Add Water to Your Yard or Patio - A concave rock collects and holds drinking water for insects such as: ladybugs, dragonflies, and more. Birdbaths provide water for birds that is the best depth of water for play, bath time and hydration.

~Widen a Fence - By removing a few panels or widening space between fence panels, small flying wildlife such as small birds or butterflies, can pass through more easily to your garden. Oftentimes, it makes for a nicer view as well.

Memorial Plantings

Memorial horticulture is a simple, fulfilling and beautiful way to honor a loved one. Memorial plantings provide an opportunity to care for the memory of a loved one. 

Your backyard garden or patio can easily be transformed into the ultimate memorial destination that gives you and your family not only the opportunity to honor a loved one at home, but the convenience and privacy of memorializing in your own home.

Memorial Planting Tips for Your Backyard Tribute

Choose a Special Location for a Memorial Planting
Choose a special location for a memorial planting or a spot in present garden that you would like to recreate or add a memorial to. For families with patios, decide which plant pot or pots you will be using and where you would like to place them.

Include trees, ground-covers and shrubs. This helps to provide shelter and food for helpful bugs. By including both broad-leaf and conifer evergreens, this helps provide additional shelter for wildlife during winter.

Planting flowers like tulips, lilies or daffodils can adorn the garden in a beautiful way.

Add flowering plants with pollen to attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Add plants that offer caterpillars leaves to eat.

 Plant a tree decorate it with lights on their birthday each year.

Plant a variety of plants that produces both berries and seeds throughout the year. This helps to feed the birds. (See some ideas in the next section below.)

Hang wind chimes nearby and consider adding pinwheels (as shown in the video below) to catch the wind and make lively patterns.


All-Season Plants for Your Memorial Plantings

Try adding plants that will attract wildlife during each season of the year. In Oregon there are several plants to consider.

Oregon Grape
Oregon Grape Flowers attract mason bees and butterflies. Blue-blackberries are eaten by birds. Beautiful bronze new growth occurs on evergreen leaves. 

 Kinnikinnik Berries are a favorite of birds. Flowers are visited by butterflies and bees. Leaves help feed the butterfly caterpillars. Glossy evergreen leaves are a beautiful addition to any garden or yard.

Red Flowering Currant
Red Flowering Currant Flower nectar feeds hummingbirds. Berries are eaten by birds. Leaves help feed the butterfly caterpillars. Bright pink flowers add vibrant color to any yard or garden.

Western Columbine
Western Columbine - Hummingbirds enjoy the flowers. Seeds are eaten by the birds. Glowing red and yellow flowers brighten up the garden.

Oregon Vine Maple
Vine Maple Seeds are eaten by birds. Leaves help feed the butterfly caterpillars. Nectar from the flowers is collected by bees. The orange and red fall leaves ornament any yard during autumn.

What plantings do you have in your home garden or on your patio? Have you ever designed a memorial that lives in your home garden or patio? If so, what advice can you share with others?

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